Change of plans.

The change does not have a huge impact on my life or your life. But it’s still change, so I want to explain it.

In one of my first posts I said that I did not like the name: not a girly-girl.
So, I changed it in, what is my motto for just a short time: Do the things you are the most afraid of!
As I was typing I did realize that I’m not really doing that. I’m terribly afraid of height. Well, I’m not afraid of the height, I’m just really afraid of falling. Last week I went skiing in Austria, as I already told you, and we also went sledding for an afternoon. On some parts of the track you could fall off and you would fall down at least 10 metres. You can guess where I was on those parts. Right, close to the mountains.
With this fear of heights, you can probably guess that I’m not the person who will be first to say yes, when is asked if someone wants to bunjeejump. I think it’s terrible and even when I see it on TV I get this horrible feeling in my stomach and I get chills rolling down my spine. So therefore, I decided to adjust my motto. Now my motto of life is:

Do the things you are the most afraid of! Except for bunjeejumping, never ever try bunjeejumping.

So, since I’m not fully living up to this motto, I thought it wouldn’t be right to name my blog this way.
And then I had to think of something else. SLOTHS. I don’t know if you know what those are. They are the cutest mammal ever. like EVER.

JUST LOOK AT IT! Supercute 🙂

So, I looke up if you can actually adopt a sloth. Because in the world we are living now, it’s quite probable that an animal needs protection, like a hundred of others. AND YES. IT’S POSSIBLE! You can really adopt a sloth. I’m going to save some money so that maybe I can adopt one once. For the ones who have loads of money and want to adopt one right now:

So, I decided that is what I’m going to call my blog: adoptasloth!

I think you also noticed that I’m writing in English now, and you probably wonder why. Well, that’s wonderfull because I am going to explain you why.
As you know I’m a member of this Postcrossing Project, and I was thinking that it would be a nice idea if I wrote my blog-adress on all the postcards that I send. Then I kindly remembered myself that my blog was in Dutch. So, in order to get international viewers, I had to change my language. And that’s what I’m doing now. Now you understand. I don’t even have that much Dutch viewers and I already want international viewers, I know, I’m really greedy. But I think the Postcrossing is an excellent way to achieve this.

That was it for today, and I think for about two weeks since I’m in the middel of exams, but I’m going to try!

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