Whoops. I ruined my walls.

Yes. It’s true. I really did. I will explain you how.
A few months ago, I think it’s almost a year, I decided that I would cut out all these pictures from magazines and hang them up my wall.
I did this with the Pritt Poster Buddies, I think everybody is familiar with those.  I thought it was a great plan and that it looked nice. The ones of you that did this once in their lifes already know that it was not.
A few hours ago I was procrastinating my German homework and I decided to get all the pictures of my wall.
NOT A GOOD PLAN. Apparently, there is some kind of glue in this Poster Buddies and paint can’t handle this glue.
So, I got these pictures of and I noticed that there were stains on my wall. And that sucked. Because now I have to paint my wall, and I don’t have time for that.

So, here’s a tip for the future: never use Poster Buddies on a painted wall. I don’t think they go with wallpaper either.
Just don’t try it. Maybe next time I should try it with Washi Tape or something like that.

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