The story of my lost bag. It is so sad.

So a few weeks ago I said something about that Dossier 043-thingy, which was awesome.
At half past six I took the train with four other students and I headed off towards Delft.
However, I had to switch trains, but I was so stupid enough to leave my bag, one of the two, however the one with the most important stuff like my wallet in it, on the train I got off. As soon as the train doors closed, I realised, said ‘FUCK’ in my brains, and apparently also out loud because two people of the train-company-thing came and helped me. THANK GOD FOR THOSE PEOPLE!
I, obviously, started panicing, since I just lost of my personal and very important belongings, but they helped me.
They called the other train, where I was in before switching, and my bag was found within a quarter of an hour. At least that calmed me down. And this is where the sad part comes up.

The train I was in before switching was heading towards Utrecht, but the train I was in on that moment was heading towards Rotterdam.
Well, for any of you Dutch readers, you know that that is quite a different direction. My bag would be given off at Utrecht CS, but I was going that way. However, I really needed the bag since like EVERYTHING was in there, I decided to pick it up that night.
So this is what my trip looked like in total: I left from Maastricht CS, switched trains at Eindhoven CS towards Rotterdam, switched at Rotterdam and waited for half an hour, then I took a train towards Utrecht CS to pick up my bag. Then from Utrecht CS I took a train towards The Hague CS and there I had to wait 45!, yes, 45! until my train towards Delft came. Everything together, I was travelling for about 5 hours, on a trip I normally would travel 2,5 hours for. Also, the only thing I ate before the train-trip was a cup of grapes. So, I was really hungry. And I missed a job-interview. I can do this tomorrow again though, so that was not so bad.

I felt so sorry for myself and I hope that no one of you ever has to go through this pain and embarrassment. It was horrible.
One lesson I learned from it though is that it is not so clever to leave your bag in a train. And I will probably never do this again.

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