Going to Portugal :)

After a few weeks of nerv-racking exams, I went on a trip to Portugal!
Together with 7 other girls I went to the Amado Surfcamp in the Algarve and it was supernice! We had great teachers and the surroundings were great as well! So I decided to give you an impression of what it looked like and what we did!
All the photos are made by my wonderful photographer-friend Fenna van der Kruit!

5834_4873961849929_856050834_n 7136_4873966330041_440610110_n 9908_4873961969932_2120932377_n 10759_4873956369792_394914277_n 179752_4873960889905_73682768_n 485596_4873970250139_1176115048_n 935219_4873971730176_361280301_n 936959_4873964129986_2094051866_n 941939_4873956409793_924605594_n 969438_4873965850029_439749947_n 992963_4873965730026_1232382934_n 994151_4873956489795_317465561_n 998877_4873966530046_810273451_n 1005043_4873957089810_56972608_n

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