This is a prospective student typing!

Yes, today I finally got the results!
I graduated and I am so happy!

This year the final exams were actually one big chaos. Not the exams themselves mainly afterwards.
On the day before the last exam would be taken, this was the French exam, it became clear that it was stolen and put on the internet. This caused a lot of trouble. A lot of youngster graduating go on a holiday after their exams. Because the French exam was now posponed for a day a lot of people had to change their flights which also caused a lot of financial problems.
This sucked but this is not even the worst thing that happened.

When I came back from my vacation, which was great, I heard that probably more exams were stolen. I was really worried since I didn’t really feel like doing an exam again. Then it came out that probably all exams were stolen on several levels. For about a week long this caused a lot of stress in Holland since everybody was scared that they had to redo their exams.
Yesterday we heard that we didn’t have to redo them and we would just hear the results today!

As you can imagine I was very nervous this morning. The calls were made after two o’clock, so untill then I was one big ball of tension. At around 14:30 my tutor called me and congratulated me! I was really happy and I think I made the loudest and weirdest noises of the week!
At 16:00 we were invited at school so we could chat with other grads(!) and teachers. We also got the final marks and we had to fill in a form for the resits. I decided to redo Mathematics because I know I can do better than what I did now.

Now, it’s time to PARTY!


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