How I fixed a job by being loud.

People who know me, know that I can be loud. Loud in the sense of that I am very present.
My voice is loud and I use it quite much. Sometimes when I want to say something it comes out louder than it was meant to.
And in the most situations I don’t have any difficulty with speaking up, against people I know, but also against people that I don’t know.
Some people thinks it’s funny, some people think it’s really annoying and other people accept that it is a part of me.
But sometimes it comes in really handy. For example, I most recently got a job, which wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t speak up.

With Pentecost I went on a trip, to Zeeland, one of the Dutch provinces, with the Scuba-Diving club. In this weekend we were supposed to do a lot of diving, but since I had exams in the week after it, I only did two dives. We had one dive in the night-time, and it was very nice but also very exciting. The other dive was in tidal water, which was also exciting. However, this dive was shit, since you couldn’t see anything, so we went out within 25 minutes.

When we came back on the monday evening, we decided we wanted to go and eat somewhere together. After calling a few restaurants we couldn’t go because either they were closed or full, we ended up in Little Italy, a relatively small restaurant in Delft.
So, we all had pizza or pasta and we were to the point of the desert, and most of us wanted the chocolate pie, which was very good by the way. The waiter came with four plates at the same time, so he had three in one hand and one in the other hand, and challenged us that we couldn’t do it. And this is where the loudness comes in. I said: of course I can do it, give it up! So I did it and then the waiter asked if I wanted to work there. Since I’m getting sick and tired of my job at the supermarket, I immediately said yes.

So that’s how I fixed a job by being loud.

The moral of the story here, is that everybody has a disadvantage in anything, but if you use it correctly, which is hard, I know, can be used as an advantage. So don’t change yourself but sometimes you should be yourself in moderation. It sounds very weird, but I learned that people accept you much faster that way.

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