There are only hot doctors in the ER.

The last few days I did not upload anything and that had a good reason; I was in the hospital.
Nothing life-threatening, but I was there for a few days.

On Wednesday the I-don’t-feel-so-good-part started. I went to bed early but couldn’t sleep and in the end I fell asleep around 1 ‘oclock. On Thursday, I did go to my work, but there it even got worse and I went home early. I crashed on the couch and started to feel worse.

On Friday in the morning I started to feel better, but in the afternoon I got a very bad pain in my stomach. My father called the doctor and I went to the GP. He sent me to the ER where I had to wait for a long time. Then they took my blood and I got an ultrasound scan. The radiologist, who made the scan, could not see anything clear, so then, I got a CT-scan. Also on the CT-scan, there were no obvious signs of an appendicitis. But, because I had a lot of pain, they didn’t want to send me home. So, then I stayed in the hospital for a night.

In the morning they took my blood and the surgeon decided that there would be no operation, because some sort of values in my blood got better and because I physically looked better, in a way that it looked like I had less pain.
And it kept on going on like this until monday morning. Those values in my blood were ok and I was allowed to go home.
Now, I have to go back to the hospital in two weeks for a check and if something is wrong in the meantime, I also have to go back.

To tell you something about the title of my blogpost; during my stay of four days in this hospital, I only met 1 hot doctor and he was not even a doctor, he was a nurse. I don’t know the word for the male version of nurse, I looked it up and I couldn’t find it either, so it stays a nurse for me, but a very cute nurse.

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