Not only my thoughts on being yourself.

People that know me probably know that I am not really normal and quite eccentric. I make weird noises and weird decisions.
I’d rather refer to it as that I am really myself. Lately, I have been thinking about this a little bit more, and I was busy writing a blogpost about being yourself; how you can be yourself, why people are not themselves, and why you should be yourself.
I was thinking of all these things and it went quite smooth. But once again, I got distracted by YouTube. It was a very big coincidence that on YouTube I found a video from Jenna Marbles about the exact same subject, with the same thoughts. I was only halfway with my blogpost so I decided to ditch it and show you this video instead. Because it is exactly what I think.

And this is her channel!

I really like Jenna because she is herself. Like me. Although that could use some improvement.

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