My favourite Iphone cases :)

I am sick and tired of my HTC Wildfire.
With thanks to a friend I can buy an Iphone for a f*cking low price. Excuse me for my language, but it’s true.
Also I am a girl who drops her phone constantly, so I am going to need a case. I have been looking around and I have found a lot of supercute, clever and protective cases. Here are my favourites, watch out, they are a lot.
(If  you click on a picture, you will go to the site you can buy it on!
I think the last two are the best, not only because they are so adorable, but also because of their price!
I hope to buy both of them : )

Retro Game Boy! ( 9,95 EUR)

So colorful! ( 44,95 EUR)

RINGRING! ( 39,95 EUR)

Mustache! ( 39,95 EUR)

Elephants : ) ( 39,95 EUR)

Elephants are cute! ( 44,95 EUR)

Adorable! ( 44,95 EUR)

I want this : ) (Cover It Up, 6 EUR)

How cute! (Cover It Up, 6 EUR)

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