Wat kan ik doen zonder diploma #1

Vaak als ik moet leren voor school, ga ik dingen bedenken die ik zou kunnen doen i.p.v. de studie die ik nu doe. De #1 impliceert dat dit het eerste idee is, maar niks is minder waar. Ik denk dat ik al een stuk of 100 scenario’s heb bedacht, sommige die beperkt zijn gebleven tot een simplistisch hersenspinsel, en andere die redelijk uitgewerkt op papier staan.

Vandaag is het dus weer zover. Ik zou moeten studeren. Maar ik bedenk andere plannen.

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My hands smell like garlic.

And it’s disgusting. I washed it like 20 times and they still smell. I always have this problem when I squeezed the garlic.
Don’t get me wrong, I love garlic! But just not on my hands, thank you.

It has been such a long time since I wrote a blogpost and that is because I have been so busy.
The CSE’s, which are the central exams here in Holland, start within about a month. And I am shitting my pants.
I don’t want it to start. Well, actually I don’t want it to end. Not the exams, ofcourse I want the exams to end.
I don’t want this schoolyear to end.
It is a really double feeling, since I am so excited to leave school and start something new, but on the other hand I am going to miss the school where I’m on now. I don’t want to miss all the people that I had a lot of fun with for a long time. We have been through quite a lot together and that creates a bond, even with people you don’t like so much.

However, I am so excited to go studying next year. I got my interview last Tuesday for UCR, University College Roosevelt. I just hope so much that I got in, because I really love that place. It gives you such a good feeling, at least as a prospective student. They make you feel so welcome! Also the system they use is really nice. It’s called Liberal Arts and Sciences and it basically means that you can put together your own diploma. With some requirements ofcourse, but it is really free. I think it’s a good system for me because I want everything, and I hope to find out there what it is that I want to do.

Because I want to do so much in life, I hope there is time for all of it!
I am going to think of what I can write here. I had a really cool idea, but I don’t know if more people think it is as fun as I think it is.