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My favorite YouTube videos #1: Military reunions.

So, this will be the first post in a longer series of post about YouTube videos.
I spend quite some time watching these, whether they are cute movies, or music videos.
In these series I want to share them with you, and sometimes it will have a special theme and sometimes it are very different movies.

So, the first post of videos will be about military reunions. I absolutely adore them.
A lot of dads, husbands and sons of the United States spend their time in either Iraq, Afghanistan or one of the other countries there is war in. I think it sucks that all these men, have to spend time away from their beloved family and friends. However, I never fully understand why those men ‘are fighting for America’. They are fighting in other countries, that are not neighbouring countries, against people who want them out. I admit that I don’t posses a lot of knowledge on this subject, so maybe my solution is too simple, but I think that when the Americans just get out of the countries they are in now, a big part of the problem is already solved. I’m sure I’m not the first one who thought of this, so I hope to read somewhere, someday, why this wouldn’t work as a solution.

But, back to the videos! I am sure you have already seen some of it, and I hope I can show you some new ones!
They are a lot of videos but it’s worth watching!