Yawning and procrastinating. And sloths.

If you ever have to yawn when you are standing in front of a mirror, the best thing to do is to at least turn your face away from the mirror so that you don’t see yourself yawning. Please take this advide, because it really is not a pretty view. 

You probably are wondering why in gods name I came up with this advice. Thank god, not because I looked in the mirror and saw myself yawning. No. I was studying for my Economics-exam I have this friday. I was so bored that I yawned which is not very exceptional amongst students studying economics, but when I yawned, I realised something: this must not have been a pretty view for the people around me.
And since I was studying I ofcourse wanted to procrastinate as much as possible so I decided to write a blogpost about it. 

Here is a video with sloths 🙂




Whoops. I ruined my walls.

Yes. It’s true. I really did. I will explain you how.
A few months ago, I think it’s almost a year, I decided that I would cut out all these pictures from magazines and hang them up my wall.
I did this with the Pritt Poster Buddies, I think everybody is familiar with those.  I thought it was a great plan and that it looked nice. The ones of you that did this once in their lifes already know that it was not.
A few hours ago I was procrastinating my German homework and I decided to get all the pictures of my wall.
NOT A GOOD PLAN. Apparently, there is some kind of glue in this Poster Buddies and paint can’t handle this glue.
So, I got these pictures of and I noticed that there were stains on my wall. And that sucked. Because now I have to paint my wall, and I don’t have time for that.

So, here’s a tip for the future: never use Poster Buddies on a painted wall. I don’t think they go with wallpaper either.
Just don’t try it. Maybe next time I should try it with Washi Tape or something like that.