Master here I come!

It does sound like a fight-movie where a ninja is going on a quest to kill someone for his master and then returns. But no. That’s not what I meant.

Last Thursday and Friday I went to this project called Dossier 43 at the Maastricht University, in, of course, Maastricht. AND OMG I HAD SO MUCH FUN!
Dossier 43 was a two-day programme and in those two days you had to, together with your team, solve a murder! You got some backgroundinformation on the victim, and then during the two days you got extra clues. At the end of Friday were supposed to have solved the murder, and we all did! My team, I was in team Red!, was appointed as the winner! Then we got a wonderful Maastricht University sweater.
So, it was all really fun. There were supernice people, the leader-people were as well supernice and the whole thing was just set up really well.
All great stuff of course, but I also did some research on which Master’s degree I would like to get, of course after finishing UCR because I GOT ACCEPTED, and I finally, finally found it! Well, not the explicit master itself but I now know the direction I want to go.
So, it was not only fun, but I learned a lot as well!

Oh, we also went out in Maastricht and it was really fun! I am looking so forward studying there! 

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