Too cute!

I’m sorry, I have not yet figured out how I can insert a GIF into a blogpost, so you will just need to take a look at it yourself.
Expect a cute sloth.

There are two ways to look at this sloth.

My first reaction was: omg, supercute. And that is one way of looking at it.
The combination of a cute cat and a cute sloth,two things the internet loves, cuddling guarantees a cute GIF.

On the other hand, when you really look at what the sloth is doing, it turns kind of creepy.
You can see that in the reactions on 9gag. One of the most said captions: ‘Let’s not turn this rape into a murder’.
And if you look closely, it suits the movements of the sloth perfectly.

But I’d rather stick to the ‘cute’ way of looking 🙂

Do you like this cute sloth?

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